D’Mello House

D’Mellos house in Santemol is a known haunted location in Goa. The house is said to be cursed and it is not surprising due to the events that occured there. The house has a dark history where one brother killed another after a heated argument. After the death of the man it is said that his soul is not ready to leave the claim and hence still wanders within the halls of the house.



Halloween also knows as Allhalloween is a festival that is celebrated world wide on October 31st. On this day a wide variety of spooky decorations and costumes are seen with people dressing up as various dark and ghostly characters. Children are the most excited as they get to go treak or treating receiving tons of candies. This festival is not that widely celebrated in India but the vibes are definitely there. In Goa too this vibe is widely seen and felt among the youths and children.

Happy Halloween!!

NH17 Highway

NH17  is an Goa-Bombay highway. It is is among the top five haunted places in Goa. It is said that while you are traveling  from NH 17 road you should never carry any meat,chicken or any non veg item. It is said that the road is a lair of a ferocious group of blood thirsty witches in search of flesh . Many local people advise against carrying non veg items in the afternoon times and even at night.

Mystery rules at the Three Kings Church at Cansaulim, Goa

Goa is well known for its churches. One of the best known churches in Goa is The Three Kings Church at Cansaulim. One of the strange things about this church, which is located atop a hillock  is that it is open only for a day on 6th January 2017, on its feast  day, that is the Feast of the Magi by the Catholic Church.

But even on its feast day the feast finishes by 6.00 pm after which everything is packed only to return next year.

It is believed that that every night the army of the famous Maratha ruler Shivaji comes atop the hillock. I did no believe in this at first and thought it was a joke until my friend from Vasco, Agnes Pinto  told me a really frightening  story.

In the words of my friend:

This story was told to me by my driving instructor. He had taken me to the Three Kings church to practice my driving. He casually asked me whether I believed in ghosts. When I replied in the negative he told me  something which shook me off. There was a wedding of a young man and he had a best man who had come from Mumbai and did not know to speak  a word of English. One day they went to the three kings church late in the night around 11.00 pm. As they were climbing up the hillock suddenly the street lights on either  side   stated breaking on their own. As they  finally reached up something which cannot be explained happened and in no time their car was down the hillock and they found themselves in the hospital  and wait the most strangest or should I call it the funniest thing happened- the guy who did not know  to speak English stated speaking English.

I’ve heard people speaking English after getting high on alcohol but this???

Pic Credit : https://i.ytimg.com/vi/vxiHNS47T-Q/maxresdefault.jpg

My personal experience

“The only source of Knowledge is the Experience”- Albert Einstein

The story that you are about to read is a true incident that happened to me and my friends 1 month ago.

It was Monday and I had gone for a work  and I left from work at around 2 O’clock, so me and my friends decided to stop by at ‘Night Birds’, a restaurant in Saligao. After that one of my friend had to refill the tank, so we went to the fuel station. I checked my watch and it was 2:45 a.m. Just opposite the fuel station, opposite the road, there is a cemetery and a crematorium. 50 meters away from the Saligao Circle  there is an old scrap yard.When we reached there, we saw a lady, who was standing in a white attire and asking for a lift. When I saw her, it gave me a slightly unusual feeling.

First, I found her weird  because she was standing with her hair left open  in front of her face. When we got a bit closer, my friend started to shiver behind me. When I asked what happened,  in a trembling voice, he told me to have a look at her feet. It got me shocked to see that her feet were abnormal as they were turned around. I stopped the bike as I was too afraid to go any further. Then, my friend mustered up courage and took over the bike. Then, without wasting more time,  we hurried out of the place without even looking around and my friend started to call out to all the possible gods he knew.

Once I reached home, I knocked the door and told my friend to wait until my father came out.

This was, the first and hopefully the last paranormal experience in my life.

Saligao christalina Tree

Christalina tree is one of the most haunted place in Goa. The actual story behind Christalina is that she hanged her self on the banyan tree

The place is so spooky that the street light goes off within a week and the people living in Saligao have seen glimpses of the spirit. One day a Padre, Inácio Lourenço Pereira walked on the Seminary road as usual. He didn’t return back so, Frank, who helped him at the church and the workers went to search for him and they found the padre in an unconscious state, flat on the ground and his face in the mud near the Christalina tree. They took the padre to the seminary .When the padre came back to his senses, the people from Saligao went to talk to the Padre and found it unbelievable to hear him talking in a female voice. Everyone was sure that it was the spirit of Christalina that had possessed him.

Till date people witness happenings and sightings of a female roaming in a white attire but the incidents are not verified.

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